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Un-silencing Domestic Violence


Because I love

Domestic Violence Abuse - Why Does She/He Stay in an Abusive Relationship? (preventabusiverelationships.com) Through the next series of...

Sticks and Stones

My family doesn't believe that I'm a victim of domestic violence | Domestic violence | The Guardian There was an old saying when I was a...


Why So Many Domestic Violence Survivors Don't Get Help -- Even When They Ask For It | HuffPost Communities There is an old song whose...

Fake News

Signs Of Jealousy: How To Spot Abusive Behavior? | Ask Doug And Chris I could not put a name to this behavior for a long time. I have...

The Mask

The many masks we wear: domestic violence awareness - Gateway (unothegateway.com) One of the masks I wore was that I was in a great, no...

Full Moon Rising

ERLC Educating pastors about domestic violence - ERLC There was a time when I thought, there are no scriptures in the Bible that address...

Fair Fighting

I read this very informative article on fair fighting! As a pastor, I was intrigued by the biblical verses that accompanied the article...


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