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My lovely daughter asked me if I had seen the Netflix series "Maid." I told her I had not and she suggested I look at it as it taught her a lot about Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence DV/IPV. I binged watched it in one day and talk about the emotional triggers. Whew! It triggered all sorts of triggers in me. Triggers when the main character said she did not want to seek a DV shelter because she wanted to leave that to persons who were really battered (meaning physically abused); triggers when the main character did not file a police report because she did not feel she was abused. Triggers when the main character went back to her abuser because she remembered times in the past when he was so nice and she thought he was making a huge change when he helped her out with her parents.

7 times is the average number of times it takes a victim to leave his or her abuser. That's just an average, meaning it could be less or more. Or maybe never or even worse you leave in a body bag. There are so many ways to be abused, physically, emotionally, financially......the list goes on. And the triggers! The triggers go on forever it seems, at least with me personally.

Triggers especially come at me through well meaning Christian friends who do not think before they speak. Some of the phrases could be:

Why does she/he stay in that type of relationship, I would never have allowed that to happen to me?

Well, you made your bed and now you have to lie in it!

God does not like divorce!

The person must like that kind of treatment because they are staying in that situation.

Triggers come to me when watching Judge shows where the judge is seemingly uninvolved when a person tells the judge she/he is involved in DV/IPV.

Anyway, I could write a book on triggers, but know this-caution on the side of belief for the person telling you about DV/ could save his or hers life.

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