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Plummer Receives Award for Support to Domestic Violence Program | Phil Plummer | Ohio House of Representatives

Phil Plummer was a former sheriff with the Montgomery County sheriff's office in Dayton, Ohio. I know him personally as he has helped out with social justice issues in the city/state.

One horrifying experience I had with the court came when my then, ex-husband, broke into my residence, destroyed the furniture, televisions, mattresses and so forth in my home. He then took his clothing and personal items and left. I immediately contacted the police, who came and told me that there was nothing they could do as his items were still in the house making him a resident. I reported that our divorce had come through and we were not living together. I told them I had asked that he remove his clothing and personal items from the home, but did not. However, since he did not, he was considered a resident of the home and was free to destroy whatever he wanted to.

I went down to the court building to file a restraining order. They asked where he was staying? I told them, I was not sure but knew that he was an over the road truck driver and they could track him down easily. After a long discussion on why the courts/sheriff's office would not deliver a restraining order to him or why that would be too much trouble, I broke down in the middle of the court building and cried my eyes out. You see, I had pictures of the destruction. I had proof. But no one seemed to care.

That is why, when I read the attached article above, it did my heart good. Had I known about Representative Plummer's interest in DV/IPV, I could have called him personally. It is good to know who your supporters are.

It is imperative that Pastors are outspoken representatives against acts of DV/IPV!

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